SafeNotMoon is Safer version of the giant Safemoon token which was proven to be unstable. We plan to bring Epic historical NFT's from the crazy stories around the BSC as well as an app to keep you in the loop of important news
Safemoon has fooled us for the last time.
They have done everything wrong and we have created a token with better tokenomics to surpass the original Safemoon.
Marketing - 5%
5% is reserved to for all marketing purposes to promote the project across the crypto space
Liquidity - 3%
3% is added to a liquidity pool to help the project naturally grow with volume on the charts
Development Tax - 2%
2% will be put towards project development costs to cover all other expenses marketing doesn't
Degen News
We are currently working on a phone application for both the App Store and Google Play Store which will cover the news that happens within the inner circles of the crypto space. Stay on top of the drama and mind-blowing stories of this unpredictable space
Community Focused
Join our awesome community in our Telegram group to stay tuned for the latest SafeNotMoon information as it get announced! Follow all of our channels to stay on top of the latest insider information regarding SafeNotMoon!
Solid Team
Experienced and driven team is all over the globe, working together to build a project that will stand out among the rest of the tokens. We are working around the clock to ensure our project is on the road to success, inviting your to help shill and spread the word!
Epic NFT's
Our team is planning the most epic and unbelievable NFTs you'll ever see. You will be seeing some of the biggest moments in BSC history revealed in our NFT collection. You wont want to miss out on these, holders will be rewarded!
SafeNotMoon NFT's
Thats right, not only are we creating the safer alternative to the space rekt 'Safe'moon but we are also developing some super secret Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for our community. Let's just say they will be EPIC when they are released! More news on that coming soon!
SafeNotMoon Protocol
SafeNotMoon is son of the legendary Safemoon and has the aim to improve the poor tokenomics its father has and is ready to meet it on the moon!
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